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Photographs from an Expert Witness survey report by our Leicester Surveyors on a badly and un-necessarily recovered roof that still leaked after £4000.00 of expenditure due to cowboy builders.

Leicester Surveyors Report

A general view of the type of property. The owner originaly had a leak in the bedroom with the small gable above. The builder advised that the roof structure was rotten and said that the roof would need to be recovered with a new lining sheet. Inspection by our surveyor from within the roof void found neither to be true. A look down the road from our surveyor also suggested that all the other houses had their original tiles and none had even had the odd tile repalced


Surveyors report on defective tiles

At least three of the replaced tiles were broken


RICS Surveyors report for court

 Tiles not locked into each other.

Surveyors expert witness report

A badly chipped tile of which there were a number and another tile that it not interlokced

Old mortat suggest that these tiles have not been replaced

Leicester surveyors report

The mortar patch also suggests that these tiles have not been repalced.

The likely casue of the leak is the juncture of the gable into the main roof probably due the metal valley lining failing to meet the one on the other side. Our surveyos cost of repair estimated at about £100.00.



The onwer of the house was charged £4000.00 to recover the roof and inssert  anew lining under the tiles. Inspectiojn suggst that he didnt actualy bother to do the rear roof face but still charged for it. 



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