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 Homebuyers Survey of 1960's Detached Bungalow last refurbished in the 1980's

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There is no steel lintel above this replacement window, the frames of which are often not as strong as the original timber ones.

The large glazing unit has also misted due to moisture ingress.

Drainage holes at the bottom of the frame block and the bottom of the glass sits in moisture causing the failure of the seal

 High ground adjacent to thin garage walls can cause them to buckle particuarly if there is wet clay soil.

The uniformly green earthing cable sleeve is indicative of a 1970's or 80's system

Fuse box of a similAr age. Fuses are likely to be re-wirable. Critically there is no RCD protection in case of current escape.

Typical 1980's pendant. Very hard to close as they are very shallow and the cap gets obstructed by cables

 Old Switch. Porbably original from 1960's

Ant debirs

 Single pipe serves both inlet and out let of the radiator. Inefficient and the radiators at the end of the run will not heat up properly.

That the pole can be moved suggests that it is not supporting the chimNey breast.

1980's boiler likely to be inefficient but will go for ever and no complicated expensive parts






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