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RICS Surveyors Homebuyers Survey Photographs of a Leicester terrace house dating from about 1900

To render such a property is very unusual. Our surveyors suspected that the brickwork has perished due to frost over the years and been rendered as a cheap alternative to cutting out and replacing the bricks.

This flue pipe is likely to contain asbestos. This is not a particular problem as it is well encapsulated in the cement. However our surveyors took care to check what had been used to seal around the flue where it enters the chimney as blankets of relatively loose asbestos fibres can be used. Removal of a such a blanket is likely to be expensive. Our surveyors estimate £1000.00

These air bricks are essential to remove moisture from below suspended timber ground floors. Our surveyors were concerned that as they are blocked there is a high risk of condensation and decay.


Moisture due to a poor damp proof course or flue condensates have entered these bricks. Frost has then forced of the faces and broken out the pointing. Our surveyors warned the potential purchaser that costs would be expensive as scaffold would be required. Our surveyors suggested that the chimney should be demolished to below roof level to save future expense.

                                    Our surveyors always check old metal water tanks carefully as they are prone to corrosion and then leaking or bursting.

Our surveyors like to unscrew a light fitting as the wires can be seen. Our surveyors noted that there is no green and yellow earthing wire to the terminal at the bottom of the pendant. Its omission suggested to our surveyors that the system is over forty years old.

Insulation under the boards is only about 100mm deep and is omitted in areas. The thin timbers are lathes that the plaster of the ceiling is forced though to hold it in place. As plaster is brittle it is prone to fracturing over time at this point and the ceilings can collapse. The wiring that can be seen is ancient and predates the re-wire from about forty years ago.

Consumer unit from the 1980 with older fittings on the left.

Evidence of beetles on the stair edge. Our surveyors considered them to be long extinct



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